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SIMA – A generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments


SIMA suggests that AI agents may be crucial to gaming in the future. Additionally, it moves us one step closer to AI that can work intelligently alongside people to complete tasks in real-world settings as well as in video games.

What is SIMA?

AI research facility SIMA is referred to by Google Deepmind as an AI Agent, as opposed to AI models like Google Gemini or OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
One could refer to SIMA as a generalist AI agent with multitasking capabilities. It is similar to a virtual friend that can comprehend and carry out commands in a variety of virtual settings, such as building opulent castles or exploring enigmatic dungeons. It is capable of completing tasks and overcoming obstacles given to it.

SIMA: a versatile AI agent

SIMA is an artificial intelligence (AI) agent that can recognise and comprehend a range of environments before acting to accomplish a given task. It consists of a video model that forecasts the next scene on screen and a model for accurate image-language mapping. Using training data tailored to the 3D settings in the SIMA portfolio, we improved these models.

Neither specialised APIs nor source code access are required for our AI agent to function. It only needs two inputs: the user’s straightforward, natural language instructions and the images displayed on the screen. To carry out these commands, SIMA controls the game’s main character via keyboard and mouse outputs. Since humans use this basic interface, SIMA may be able to communicate with any virtual environment.

Our future agents should be able to take on assignments like “Find resources and build a camp,” which call for extensive strategic planning and a number of smaller tasks to finish. This is a crucial objective for AI as a whole, as large language models have led to the development of strong systems that are capable of making plans and capturing information about the world, but they are presently unable to act on our behalf.

How was SIMA trained?

The company’s description on its official blog reads as follows: “We trained SIMA on a range of video games by collaborating with game developers. With this research, an agent has shown for the first time that it is capable of comprehending a wide variety of gaming environments and acting as a human might within them by following natural-language instructions.
Google Deepmind worked with eight game studios to test SIMA on nine different video games, including Teardown by Tuxedo Labs and No Man’s Sky by Hello Games, in order to expose the AI agent to various environments.
With each game, SIMA’s portfolio unlocked a new interactive world and a variety of abilities for it to pick up, like basic navigation, menu navigation, resource mining, spaceship flying, etc.


Generalizing across games and more


We demonstrate that an agent trained on multiple games performed better than an agent trained on just one game. All specialized agents trained only on a single 3D game in our portfolio performed significantly worse in our evaluations than SIMA agents trained on a set of nine games. Furthermore, on average, an agent trained in all but one game outperformed an agent trained specifically on that unseen game.

SIMA, an AI agent trained to learn gaming skills so it plays more like a human instead of an overpowered AI that does its own thing, was unveiled by Google DeepMind. Scalable, Instruct able, Multi-world Agent, or SIMA, is a project that is solely in research right now.
Over time, SIMA will be able to play any video game, including open-world and games with no clear way to finish the game. Consider it more as an additional player who gets along well with your group, even though it’s not meant to replace the current game AI. It combines image recognition, 3D world comprehension, and natural language training.

Advancing AI agent research

The results of SIMA indicate the possibility of creating a new generation of language-driven, generalist AI agents. Although this research is still in its early stages, we hope to expand on SIMA by integrating more powerful models and expanding its use across additional training environments.
We anticipate that SIMA will grow more adaptable and generalizable as we expose it to more training worlds. In order to accomplish more difficult tasks, we also hope to enhance SIMA’s comprehension of and capacity to respond to higher-level language instructions with more sophisticated models.
In the end, our work aims to create more general AI agents and systems that can comprehend and safely perform a broad range of tasks in a way that benefits people both online and offline.


What is SIMA?

SIMA is a multipurpose AI agent that falls under the generalist category. It is similar to a virtual friend that can comprehend and carry out commands in a variety of virtual settings, such as building opulent castles or exploring mysterious dungeons.

How SIMA Works?

Because SIMA has been trained to interpret human language, it “understands” your commands. It therefore knows exactly what you mean when you give it instructions to build a castle or locate the treasure chest.

What is AI Agent?

In any case, an autonomous program or entity that senses its environment through sensors and then acts through actuators or effectors is referred to as a “agent” in the context of artificial intelligence.

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