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Swapp is an innovative architectural technology company that leverages AI to revolutionize the design and construction process for multifamily and educational buildings. The platform automates detail design work, produces drawings, and generates entire Revit models, significantly reducing project timelines and enhancing architecture teams’ performance.


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Swapp is an audacious AI tool designed to automate detail design work and produce drawings for architectural projects. The platform is a cloud-based application that can automatically generate entire Revit models from simple space layouts, significantly enhancing architecture teams’ performance and cutting project timelines.


  • AI-Powered Automation: Swapp leverages AI to automate detail design work, produce drawings, and generate entire Revit models, revolutionizing the architecture design and construction process.
  • Cloud-Based Application: The platform operates as a cloud-based application, enabling seamless integration with architectural workflows and processes.
  • Revit Model Generation: Swapp can automatically generate detailed Revit models from simple space layouts, significantly reducing the time and effort required for traditional manual modeling.

Use Cases:

  • Architectural Firms: Swapp is ideal for architectural firms looking to enhance their design and construction processes, reduce project timelines, and improve overall project efficiency.
  • Construction Industry: The platform can be used across the construction industry to automate detail design work, produce drawings, and generate detailed Revit models for various building projects.


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