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Shopia is an AI-enhanced tool designed to aid in content writing and research, streamlining the workflow for marketing teams, freelancers, and agencies. It offers a suite of features to write, research, and automate tasks, significantly speeding up content production.


For detailed pricing, visit Shopia's website. They offer a range of plans tailored to different user needs, from individual creators to large teams and agencies, with the option for a free trial to explore the platform's capabilities.


Shopia introduces a comprehensive AI-driven platform to simplify content creation and research tasks. With its capabilities, users can automate workflows, generate SEO-optimized articles, engage in AI-powered chats for content writing, and perform deep research, all within a connected workspace designed to boost productivity.


  • AI Workflows: Customize or use pre-made templates for automated content creation.
  • SEO Article Writer: Create factual, SEO-friendly content quickly.
  • Shopia Chat: An AI chat feature for content writing and web browsing.
  • Research Features: Extract valuable information from the web and documents.
  • Teams: Collaborative workspaces for project management.
  • API: Extend Shopia’s functionality to other applications.

Use Cases:

  • Content creation for marketing strategies.
  • SEO optimization for articles and blogs.
  • Team collaboration on content projects.
  • Research and data gathering for content relevance and depth.



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