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Salesforge is an AI-powered sales tool designed to optimize sales activities such as email deliverability and personalization of cold email outreach. It is tailored for sales teams to help them achieve their targets more efficiently.


Salesforge offers different pricing plans:

Pro Plan: Priced at $44.00 per month, including 1,000 contacts, 5,000 emails/month, and 1,000 email validation and personalization credits.
Growth Plan: Priced at $88.00 per month, offering 10,000 contacts, 50,000 emails/month, and 5,000 email validation and personalization credits.


Salesforge is crafted to assist sales teams in improving their email outreach and deliverability. It integrates real-time AI and machine learning to enhance critical sales activities, including messaging and decision-making. The tool aims to increase engagement and conversion rates by personalizing cold email outreach at scale and ensuring emails reach their intended recipients. It streamlines sales processes by eliminating the need for multiple sales point solutions.


  • Real-time AI & Machine Learning: Enhances decision-making and messaging for sales activities.
  • Email Deliverability Management: Tackles email deliverability issues.
  • Personalized Cold Email Outreach: Personalizes outreach to increase engagement chances.
  • Streamlined Sales Tools: Reduces the need for various sales point solutions.
  • Meeting Management: Assists in scheduling and managing meetings effectively.
  • Email List Management: Allows adding, removing, managing, and segmenting email contacts.


  1. Instantly: Focuses on effective cold mailing.
  2. Offers scaled outreach with unlimited email accounts.
  3. Zoho Campaigns: A comprehensive email marketing solution.
  4. Zoho SalesInbox: Tailored for inbox management and sales efficiency.
  5. Simplifies cold emails and follow-ups.


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