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Runwayml is a cutting-edge AI platform that allows artists and creators to use machine learning tools intuitively, without the need for coding. It’s versatile, supporting media from video and audio to text, and fosters creative expression through advanced AI.


Runwayml has free and paid plans: Standard ($15/month, $12/month billed yearly), Pro ($35/month, $28/month billed yearly), Unlimited ($95/month, $76/month billed yearly), and Enterprise (custom pricing).


Runwayml represents a significant leap in AI-driven creative tools. This platform enables artists, regardless of their coding expertise, to harness the power of machine learning for various creative applications. By offering a graphical canvas for building ML pipelines, it simplifies the complex ML process, making it accessible to all. Runwayml is not just about creating art; it’s about reimagining the creative process with AI.


  • AI Magic Tools: A suite of over 30 tools for content creation and editing.
  • Video Synthesis: Generate videos from text inputs.
  • Text to Image: Create images based on text prompts.
  • 3D Texture Generation: Produce 3D textures using text.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Accessible to creatives of all skill levels.
  • Inpainting and Green Screen: For editing videos and images.
  • Custom AI Model Training: Tailor models to specific styles and subjects.


  1. Hitpaw Online Video Editor – A user-friendly video editor with AI-enhanced functionalities.
  2. VEED – Browser-based video editing with a range of tools and features.
  3. WeVideo – A cloud-based video editor with collaboration features.
  4. Elai – AI-powered platform for creating professional videos from text.
  5. VEED.IO – Simplifies professional video editing with intuitive interface and diverse tools.
  6. Lumen5 – Ideal for creating videos for social media, ads, and websites.
  7. Stability AI – Focuses on scalable AI solutions for various applications.


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