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Phot.AI is an advanced photo editing and AI-powered design tool that enables seamless creation, modification, and enhancement of images online. It offers multifunctionality, covering photo editing to graphic design, advanced editing features like professional-grade retouching and HDR, and a cloud-based platform for convenient access and editing from anywhere.


Phot.AI offers a free plan for users. However, the pricing for the paid plans is available on their pricing page.


Phot.AI is an advanced AI-powered photo editing and design tool that provides a seamless online platform for creating, modifying, and enhancing images. It offers a wide range of features, including professional-grade retouching, HDR, and cloud-based accessibility.


  • Multifunctionality: Covers photo editing to graphic design.
  • Advanced Editing Features: Offers professional-grade retouching and HDR.
  • Cloud-Based Platform: Enables access and editing from anywhere.



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