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OpenRead is an AI-powered interactive paper platform that provides a fast, intuitive, and creative way to access and interact with papers.


OpenRead is a revolutionary platform that uses advanced AI technology to enhance the reading and research experience. It offers various features such as extensive reading mode, Paper Q&A, Paper Espresso, a powerful notes system, AI-powered research tool, and a low code paper editor. The platform employs cutting-edge AI technology to reshape and streamline the research process, making it more efficient and productive.


  • Extensive Reading Mode: OpenRead provides an extensive reading mode that allows users to delve deep into research papers and documents.
  • Paper Q&A: The platform offers a Paper Q&A feature that enables users to ask questions related to the paper without having to go through the entire document.
  • Paper Espresso: OpenRead’s Paper Espresso feature assists in generating literature reviews quickly, saving time for researchers.
  • Powerful Notes System: The platform provides a powerful notes system with backlinks and outgoing links for increased efficiency in note-taking and referencing.
  • Low Code Paper Editor: OpenRead offers a low code paper editor, making it easier for users to edit and customize their research papers.


  • Papertalk: Papertalk converts complex research papers into understandable explanations and audiobooks using AI.
  • MyReader: MyReader AI uses artificial intelligence to extract insights from documents.
  • Lumina Chat: Lumina Chat is an AI tool that assists in researching, understanding research papers, and document interaction.


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