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MusicLM is an experimental AI tool developed by Google that can turn text descriptions into music, enabling users to express their creativity and explore new musical ideas.


The pricing plans for MusicLM are not specified in the available information. However, the tool is currently available for free testing in Google's AI Test Kitchen.


MusicLM is an innovative AI tool developed by Google that enables users to turn their text descriptions into music. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, MusicLM can generate unique songs based on users’ ideas or prompts. The tool is available for testing in Google’s AI Test Kitchen on the web, Android, or iOS.


– Text-to-Music Generation: MusicLM is an experimental text-to-music model that can generate unique songs based on users’ ideas or prompts.
– User-Friendly Interface: MusicLM offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to type in a prompt like “soulful jazz for a dinner party,” and the tool will create two versions of the song. Users can listen to both and give a trophy to the track that they like better, which will help improve the model.
– Collaboration with Musicians: Google has been working with musicians like Dan Deacon and hosting workshops to see how this technology can be used in creative ways.


– Amper Music (
– AIVA (
– Jukedeck (
– Amadeus Code (
– Humtap (


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