Deep Syncs is a next-generation video hosting platform with advanced AI-powered in-video search capabilities, enabling users to store, share, and embed videos while benefiting from content-based search and a user-friendly video player.


The pricing plans for are not explicitly mentioned in the available information. Users are encouraged to visit the website or contact their team for detailed pricing and subscription options.

Description is a cutting-edge video hosting platform that integrates advanced AI-powered in-video search, allowing users to store, share, and embed videos seamlessly. The platform offers a user-friendly video player with features such as adaptive streaming, subtitles, search, chapters, and casting to remote devices.’s unique content-based search functionality enables users to find specific moments of interest within their videos, making it a valuable tool for content creators and businesses.


– AI-Powered In-Video Search:’s AI-powered search allows users to find spoken words, text in slides, people, objects, actions, and sounds within their videos, enhancing the discoverability of content.
– Video Hosting and Sharing: The platform provides cost-effective video hosting and streaming, enabling users to store, share, and embed videos and video collections while offering responsive and customizable video embeddings.
– User-Friendly Video Player:’s lightweight yet powerful video player supports adaptive streaming, subtitles, search, chapters, casting to remote devices, and call-to-action, providing a seamless viewing experience for audiences.


1. Vimeo (
2. Wistia (
3. Brightcove (
4. SproutVideo (
5. Dacast (


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