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Menu Bot

Menu Bot is an AI-powered meal planner that simplifies meal planning, grocery list creation, and recipe management, while also helping users track their nutritional goals.


The pricing plans for Menu Bot are not specified in the available information. However, users can visit the website for more information.


Menu Bot is an innovative AI-powered meal planner designed to simplify meal planning, grocery list creation, and recipe management for users. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Menu Bot streamlines the meal planning process, enabling users to find relevant recipes, create grocery lists, and track their nutritional goals with ease.


– Meal Planner: Menu Bot provides personalized meal plans tailored to users’ tastes and dietary needs, transforming meal prep from a chore to a joy.
– Recipe Book: Users can save and organize their favorite recipes, either manually from the web or through AI suggestions for easy access and future reference.
– Grocery Lists: The platform generates customized, organized shopping lists directly from users’ meal plans, helping to reduce food waste and ensure never forgeting an ingredient.
– Macro Tracker: Menu Bot calculates meal macros and daily totals, supporting users’ dietary goals and providing the nutritional insight needed for their health journey.


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– Rexipie ([](


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