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Mentionmind is an AI-based web and social media listening tool that enables businesses to monitor real-time conversations, track brand mentions, and identify sales opportunities across the web and social media platforms.


Mentionmind offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required. For detailed pricing and subscription information, users can visit the Mentionmind website.


Mentionmind is a powerful AI-based web and social media listening tool designed to help businesses monitor their digital footprint, track brand mentions, and identify sales opportunities in near real-time. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Mentionmind provides high-quality data and actionable insights, enabling users to stay ahead in the market and make well-informed decisions based on comprehensive brand monitoring and data analysis.


– Real-time Monitoring: Mentionmind gathers posts where individuals seek recommendations for products similar to yours and identifies posts where users express dissatisfaction with your competitors, providing users with a stream of sales opportunities in near real-time.
– Brand Monitoring: The platform allows businesses to closely monitor their brand’s online performance, stay informed about their brand’s position, and take necessary actions as needed to maintain a competitive edge.
– Sales Opportunities: By utilizing system alerts, users can outpace their competition and expand their online business by leveraging the stream of sales opportunities and actionable insights provided by Mentionmind.


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– Talkwalker (
– Mediatool (


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