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MagicAI by Spike

MagicAI by Spike is an innovative AI-powered feature designed to enhance productivity and communication within teams. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it automates various tasks and processes, allowing users to focus on more strategic aspects of their work.


MagicAI by Spike is available as part of Spike's premium plans, which offer a range of features designed to enhance productivity and collaboration within teams. Pricing details can be found on their official website.


MagicAI by Spike represents a significant advancement in workplace productivity tools, integrating AI seamlessly into everyday workflows. This feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, and improve collaboration within teams. Whether it’s automatically organizing emails, prioritizing messages, or providing real-time insights, MagicAI by Spike helps users work smarter and more efficiently.


  • Email Prioritization: Automatically prioritizes emails based on relevance and importance, ensuring that users focus on the most critical messages first.
  • Smart Inbox Management: Organizes emails into categories such as “Action Items,” “Follow-ups,” and “Updates,” making it easier for users to manage their inbox effectively.
  • Email Summarization: Summarizes lengthy emails into concise snippets, saving users time and reducing information overload.
  • Intelligent Search: Provides advanced search capabilities powered by AI, allowing users to quickly find relevant emails, attachments, and conversations.
  • Automatic Follow-ups: Automatically sends follow-up reminders for unanswered emails, helping users stay on top of important tasks and deadlines.
  • Real-time Insights: Offers real-time insights and analytics on email usage and communication patterns, empowering users to make data-driven decisions.

MagicAI by Spike is a game-changer for teams looking to boost productivity and streamline communication. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this feature enables teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately driving better business outcomes.


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