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Magic Studio

Magic Studio is an AI-powered platform that combines image generation and editing in one tool, helping users create the perfect images for their specific use cases.


Magic Studio offers a freemium pricing model. Some tools, such as Magic Eraser, Background Remover, and Image Upscaler, are available for free, while others, like the Photobooth and Image Generator, require a paid subscription.


Magic Studio is an innovative AI-powered platform that brings together the best AI-powered features for image generation and editing in one place. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Magic Studio streamlines the image creation and editing process, enabling users to generate high-quality images and enhance their visual content.


– Magic Eraser: Remove unwanted objects, people, and text from your images in seconds. Upload, select the bit you need removed, erase, and download[1](
– Background Remover: Automatically remove backgrounds in seconds. Upload, select automatic background removal, and download with or without a colored background[1](
– AI Image Generator: Create images from text using AI in seconds. Express yourself by describes a scene or picture, and try multiple variations instantly[1](
– Image Upscaler: Upscale and enlarge any image up to 4K without losing quality. Upload, select the size you want, and download[1](


– Canva ([](
– Pixlr ([](
– Adobe Photoshop (
– GIMP ([](
– Paint 3D (


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