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Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a cutting-edge photo editing software that integrates generative AI technology, empowering photographers to streamline their editing process and unleash their creative potential.


The pricing plans for Luminar Neo are available on the official website, offering various subscription options to cater to the diverse needs of photographers. The Early Access version is currently available, with the full version set to be delivered via software updates in February, followed by additional features added through the first free major upgrade.


Luminar Neo, developed by Skylum, represents a significant advancement in photo editing software, incorporating generative AI technology to revolutionize the editing experience for photographers. By leveraging advanced AI models, Luminar Neo aims to enhance creativity and efficiency, offering a wide range of AI-powered features to simplify complex editing tasks and provide photographers with more time to focus on their artistic vision.


– Generative AI Tools: Luminar Neo introduces a set of generative AI tools, including GenErase, GenExpand, and GenSwap, designed to assist photographers in removing unwanted elements, expanding canvas, and replacing specific elements within their images.
– Streamlined Editing Process: The integration of generative AI technology streamlines the editing process, allowing photographers to automate mundane tasks and explore new creative possibilities, ultimately saving time and enhancing productivity.
– User-Friendly Interface: Luminar Neo offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that photographers can easily access and utilize the powerful generative AI tools to achieve their desired editing outcomes.


1. Adobe Photoshop (
2. Capture One (
3. Affinity Photo (
4. ON1 Photo RAW (
5. DxO PhotoLab (


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