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Looppanel is an AI-based tool that focuses on converting users’ recordings into concise and actionable notes. It offers features such as transcription, note automation, video snipping, and analysis simplification, acting as a research assistant for tasks related to note management and record-keeping.


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Looppanel is an AI-powered platform that automates the process of recording, transcribing, and centralizing research data. It acts as a research assistant, providing features such as transcription, note automation, video snipping, and analysis simplification. This tool is designed to streamline UX research analysis, making it ideal for research, academics, or record-keeping ventures.


– Transcription: Looppanel automatically records calls and transcribes them, centralizing all research data in one place, making it easier to search across calls and simplify analysis.
– Note Automation: The AI note-taker feature acts as a research assistant, automating note-taking and providing concise and actionable notes.
– Video Snipping: Users can snip videos instantly, allowing for the quick extraction of relevant information from recorded content.
– Analysis Simplification: Looppanel simplifies the analysis process, making it easier to derive insights from recorded data.


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