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Leexi is a conversational intelligence platform that utilizes AI to transcribe, analyze, and summarize calls and video conferences, enabling users to enhance productivity, automate follow-ups, and gain valuable insights from call data.


The pricing plans for Leexi are not specified in the available information. Users are encouraged to contact the Leexi team for detailed pricing and onboarding information.


Leexi is an advanced conversational intelligence platform that harnesses AI to transcribe, analyze, and summarize calls and video conferences. By leveraging AI technology, Leexi empowers users to transcend quotas, expedite onboarding, and automate follow-up emails, thereby maximizing the impact of every interaction. The platform offers seamless collaboration through live comments and notes during calls, contextualized summaries, and detailed analytics, enabling users to make informed decisions and improve team performance.


– Call and Video Transcription: Leexi utilizes AI to transcribe calls and video conferences, providing accurate and detailed transcripts for reference and analysis.
– Summarization and Analysis: The platform offers contextualized summaries of calls, customizable to the user’s preference, and provides detailed analytics to identify key insights and trends.
– Automation and Integration: Leexi automates follow-up emails, integrates with CRM systems, and seamlessly connects with telephony and video conferencing tools for comprehensive call analysis and reference.


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