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Lasso Moderation

Lasso Moderation is an AI-powered content moderation platform that automates the detection and removal of harmful content, such as spam, toxicity, nudity, and violence, to foster a safe and engaging online community.


The pricing plans for Lasso Moderation are not publicly available. For detailed pricing information, users are encouraged to contact the Lasso Moderation team directly.


Lasso Moderation is an advanced AI-powered content moderation platform designed to help Trust & Safety teams automatically identify and remove harmful content, ensuring a safe and clean online environment. The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools, including AI moderation, a customizable moderation dashboard, and user-level moderation, to efficiently and effectively manage and filter posts, comments, and media.


– AI Moderation: Lasso’s AI automatically detects spam, toxicity, nudity, violence, drugs, and other harmful content, enabling proactive content management.
– Moderation Dashboard: The platform provides all the necessary tooling for content moderation, including review queues, audit logs, translations, access controls, and moderation reports.
– Custom Moderation Rules: Lasso allows for customizable moderation rules, providing flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of different platforms.


1. Sift (
2. Besedo (
3. Two Hat (
4. WebPurify (
5. Spectrum Labs (


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