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Knowbo is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows businesses to create custom chatbots from their existing websites and knowledge bases. It enables businesses to provide a seamless customer service experience and automate repetitive tasks.


Knowbo offers various pricing plans based on usage and features. Contact their sales team for specific pricing information.


Knowbo offers a unique approach to chatbot creation. Instead of requiring extensive training or coding, it leverages the information already present on a company’s website and knowledge base to build a chatbot that can effectively answer customer questions and provide support. This makes it a particularly attractive option for businesses that want to quickly deploy a chatbot without significant investment or technical expertise.

**Tool Description:**

– **Website and knowledge base integration:** Knowbo seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing website and knowledge base, extracting information to create a comprehensive chatbot knowledge base.
– **Customizable chatbot development:** Businesses can tailor the chatbot’s personality, responses, and branding to align with their brand identity.
– **User-friendly interface:** Knowbo provides a drag-and-drop interface for easy chatbot creation and management, requiring no coding skills.
– **Chat history tracking:** Monitor chatbot performance and analyze user interactions to identify areas for improvement.
– **Multiple deployment options:** Deploy chatbots on websites, messaging platforms, or integrate them into internal systems.


– Chatfuel (
– Dialogflow (
– ManyChat (
– Botsify (


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