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Kili Technology

Kili is a data-centric AI platform that empowers businesses to efficiently create and deploy high-quality training data for their machine learning models. It offers a suite of tools to streamline data annotation, labeling, and management, enabling teams to accelerate the development and deployment of AI solutions.


Kili offers custom pricing plans based on the specific needs of each business. Contact them for a quote.


Kili is designed to address the challenges of data preparation for AI, which can often be time-consuming and resource-intensive. It provides a centralized platform for managing the entire data lifecycle, from labeling and annotation to quality control and versioning. Kili’s features include:

– **Collaborative annotation:** Enables teams to work together on labeling tasks, ensuring consistency and quality.
– **Intelligent quality control:** Uses a combination of human expertise and machine learning to detect and correct errors in annotations.
– **Data versioning and tracking:** Allows for easy tracking of changes and experimentation with different datasets.
– **Integration with ML workflows:** Seamlessly integrates with popular machine learning frameworks and too

**Tool Description:**

Kili’s core features and benefits include:

– **Faster data labeling:** Accelerates the data labeling process by up to 500%, reducing time to market for AI projects.
– **Improved data quality:** Ensures high-quality training data through a combination of human expertise and machine learning.
– **Collaboration and versioning:** Facilitates teamwork and data management with collaboration features and version control.
– **Integration with ML workflows:** Integrates with popular ML frameworks and tools to streamline the development process.
– **Scalability:** Supports large-scale AI projects with the ability to handle vast amounts of data.


– Labelbox (
– SuperAnnotate (
– Appen (
– Scale AI (


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