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Good Tape

Good Tape is an automatic transcription service that uses AI to efficiently convert audio recordings into accurate and editable text transcripts.


Good Tape offers a free tier with limited features and paid plans with varying transcript lengths, speaker identification, and additional features.


Good Tape empowers users to seamlessly transform spoken content into written text. Its AI-powered engine handles various audio formats and accents, ensuring high accuracy and clarity in the generated transcripts. Whether you’re a journalist interviewing a source, a researcher analyzing interviews, or a student taking notes on a lecture, Good Tape offers a convenient and time-saving solution. With its intuitive interface and flexible features, Good Tape streamlines workflows and boosts productivity for individuals and teams alike.


  • Automated transcription: Upload audio recordings (interviews, podcasts, meetings, etc.) and receive text transcripts in minutes.
  • Multi-language support: Transcribe recordings in over 60 languages with high accuracy, catering to diverse audiences.
  • Speaker identification: Automatically identify and differentiate between speakers in multi-participant recordings.
  • Timestamped annotations: Easily search and navigate transcripts using timestamps for specific points in the audio.
  • Customizable vocabulary: Train the AI to recognize industry-specific terms or jargon for enhanced accuracy.
  • Integrations: Connect Good Tape with other productivity tools for seamless workflow management.


  • Save time and effort: Eliminate manual transcription and focus on core tasks.
  • Boost productivity: Quickly analyze and utilize audio content for various purposes.
  • Improve accessibility: Make audio content accessible to a wider audience through text transcripts.
  • Enhance collaboration: Easily share and collaborate on transcribed audio recordings.
  • Maintain accuracy: Ensure high-quality transcripts with AI-powered technology.

Alternatives:, Descript, Express Scribe, TranscribeMe


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