Deep Syncs is a personalized AI singing coach that helps you improve your vocal technique, learn new songs, and deepen your understanding of musical

Pricing offers various subscription plans with different features and functionalities. Free access is available with limited features.

Description stands out as a revolutionary tool designed specifically for singers. This AI-powered coach provides personalized guidance and support, helping you refine your vocal technique, master new musical pieces, and gain a deeper understanding of the characters you portray. Whether you’re an aspiring vocalist or a seasoned performer, empowers you to unlock your full potential and reach new heights in your musical journey.


  • Personalized Vocal Coaching: analyzes your voice and tailors its feedback to your specific strengths and weaknesses, offering personalized exercises and guidance to help you improve your technique.
  • Interactive Song Learning: Practice singing your favorite songs with real-time feedback on pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. identifies areas for improvement and guides you towards a flawless performance.
  • Character Analysis & Visualization: Gain in-depth insights into the characters you sing through detailed analysis and engaging visualizations. This feature helps you connect with the emotions and motivations behind the music, leading to a more nuanced and impactful performance.
  • Customized Exercises & Warmups: creates personalized exercise routines and warmups designed to address your specific needs and help you prepare for your next performance.


  • Improved Vocal Technique: provides targeted feedback and exercises to help you develop a strong and healthy singing voice.
  • Enhanced Song Learning: Master new songs quickly and easily with real-time feedback and guidance.
  • Deeper Character Understanding: Gain a deeper understanding of the characters you sing, leading to more powerful and emotionally charged performances.
  • Increased Confidence:‘s personalized support and encouragement help you build confidence and perform at your best.



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