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Ebi.AI is a platform that enables users to build and deploy AI assistants without any prior AI knowledge. It provides tools for creating chatbots, managing customer service, and automating tasks.


Ebi.AI offers a freemium model with limited features, paid plans start at $39 per month.


Ebi.AI empowers individuals and businesses to leverage the power of AI without needing specialized tech knowledge. Its user-friendly platform allows you to build and customize AI assistants for various purposes, including customer service, lead generation, and website personalization. Ebi.AI‘s intuitive interface guides you through the process, from crafting engaging chatbots to integrating them into your existing workflow.


  • No-code platform: Build and deploy AI assistants without any coding experience.
  • Pre-built templates: Get started quickly with a variety of pre-built chatbots for different use cases.
  • Conversational AI: Create natural and engaging conversations with customers and website visitors.
  • Integrations: Connect Ebi.AI with your existing CRM, marketing automation, and other business tools.
  • Analytics and reporting: Track the performance of your AI assistants and make data-driven decisions.


  • Improved customer service: Provide 24/7 support and answer customer questions instantly with AI assistants.
  • Increased lead generation: Capture leads and qualify them automatically with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Reduced costs: Save time and money by automating tasks and reducing dependence on manual labor.
  • Enhanced website engagement: Improve user experience and increase conversion rates with personalized interactions.



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