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E-Legal AI

E-Legal AI is an AI-powered legal assistant that simplifies legal jargon in contracts and other documents, making them easier to understand for anyone.


E-Legal AI offers a pay-per-page model, with prices starting at $5 per page.


E-Legal AI stands as a revolutionary tool for anyone navigating the complexities of legal documents. This AI-powered assistant translates legal jargon into clear, concise language, empowering individuals to understand agreements and contracts with ease. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology allow for seamless analysis and conversion of legal documents, fostering informed decision-making and reducing the need for expensive legal assistance.


  • Jargon Translation: E-Legal AI effortlessly converts complex legal jargon into easily understandable language, eliminating the need for legal dictionaries or consultations.
  • Document Analysis: Users can upload various legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and lawsuits, for analysis and simplification.
  • Quick Results: E-Legal AI provides immediate results, allowing users to quickly understand the terms of legal documents before signing.
  • Data Security: Uploaded documents are kept confidential and secure, ensuring user privacy.


  • Time Savings: E-Legal AI’s rapid processing saves users valuable time by providing immediate insights into legal documents.
  • Cost Savings: By simplifying legal jargon, E-Legal AI reduces the need for expensive legal consultations and services.
  • Increased Understanding: Users gain a clear understanding of legal terms and conditions, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Reduced Disputes: Enhanced comprehension of agreements minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and disputes.



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