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Dive is an AI meeting assistant that automates note-taking, generates summaries, and helps manage to-dos for meetings.


Dive offers a freemium model with a basic plan for individual users and paid plans for teams, starting at $10 per user per month.


Say goodbye to tedious note-taking and lost action items! Dive is a revolutionary AI meeting assistant designed to transform your meetings into productive and streamlined sessions. This powerful tool automatically takes detailed notes, generates clear and concise summaries, and assigns actionable to-dos, ensuring everyone stays on track and holds accountability. Dive seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack, making it effortless to incorporate into your existing workflow.


  • Automated Note-Taking: Dive captures every word spoken during your meetings, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.
  • AI-Powered Summaries: Get a clear and concise overview of key points discussed and decisions made, saving you valuable time.
  • Action Item Management: Dive automatically assigns action items to specific individuals, ensuring tasks are clear and ownership is established.
  • Meeting Insights: Gain valuable insights into meeting dynamics, such as participation levels and key topics discussed.
  • Integrations: Dive seamlessly integrates with popular platforms you already use, making it easy to adopt and use.


  • Increased Productivity: Spend less time on administrative tasks like note-taking and focus on strategic discussions.
  • Improved Collaboration: Ensure everyone is on the same page with clear and accessible meeting information.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Gain valuable insights from past meetings to inform future decisions.
  • Boosted Accountability: Hold team members accountable with assigned action items and track progress.



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