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Delineate is an AI-powered predictive analytics platform that helps businesses unlock the potential of their data by building predictive models and data products with ease.


Delineate offers monthly and annual pricing plans with a free 14-day trial.


Delineate empowers businesses to transform their data into actionable insights by democratizing access to machine learning. This user-friendly platform allows users with varying technical skill levels to build and deploy predictive models without writing a single line of code. Whether you need to identify churn risks, predict customer behavior, or optimize marketing campaigns, Delineate provides the tools and resources to unlock the full potential of your data.


  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder for creating ETL pipelines and models quickly and easily.
  • Pre-built templates and components for common use cases.
  • Automated data cleaning and feature engineering.
  • Visualizations and dashboards for monitoring model performance and interpreting results.
  • API access for integration with other applications.


  • Increased Revenue: Improve lead conversion rates, optimize ad spend, and reduce churn.
  • Faster Time to Insights: Get actionable insights from your data quickly and easily.
  • Improved Decision Making: Make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate the need for expensive data scientists and consultants.



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