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Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is a powerful AI platform that specializes in video generation, recruitment solutions, and custom AI avatars.


Deepbrain AI offers various pricing plans based on your specific needs, starting from $19 per month.


Deepbrain AI emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of AI-powered solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for video creation, recruitment processes, and personalized AI avatars. Their user-friendly platform empowers users to transform text into captivating videos, streamline the recruitment journey, and leverage the power of AI-driven avatars for diverse purposes. Deepbrain AI boasts cutting-edge research and innovation, holding numerous patents and garnering recognition for its hyper-realistic video creations.


  • AI Video Generation: Deepbrain AI’s potent algorithms convert text into high-quality videos, featuring realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech narration, and diverse customization options.
  • Custom AI Avatars: Create unique AI avatars tailored to your specific needs, utilizing real-model footage or advanced 3D creation tools.
  • Recruitment Solutions: Deepbrain AI streamlines the recruitment process with AI-powered interviewing tools and candidate assessments, fostering efficient talent acquisition.
  • Text-to-Speech: Generate lifelike voices in over 80 languages, adding a human touch to your video creations.
  • Easy-to-Use Editor: Deepbrain AI’s intuitive interface makes video creation accessible for both beginners and professionals, saving time and resources.


  • Create Engaging Videos: Attract audiences and effectively communicate your message with captivating AI-generated videos.
  • Enhance Recruitment Efficiency: Streamline the hiring process, identify top talent quickly, and reduce recruitment costs.
  • Personalize Your Brand: Craft unique AI avatars that represent your brand identity and resonate with your audience.
  • Reach Global Audiences: Generate videos in multiple languages, overcoming language barriers and expanding your reach.
  • Save Time and Money: Deepbrain AI’s automated features significantly reduce production time and costs compared to traditional video creation methods.



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