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Chipp is an innovative platform that enables users to build, share, and sell custom ChatGPT and AI applications directly on their websites. This tool simplifies the integration of AI functionalities into digital products, making it accessible for creators, educators, and businesses to enhance their offerings with AI capabilities.

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Chipp's pricing includes a free Starter plan for personal use and two paid plans: Pro at $199/year (or $29/month) and Team at $999/year (or $149/month), both offering additional features and capabilities for scaling AI in organizations. An Enterprise plan is also available for large clients requiring custom solutions.


Chipp stands out as a versatile AI development platform that democratizes the creation of custom AI applications. Users can design AI apps and assistants by leveraging their own knowledge, content, documents, and data. Chipp’s user-friendly interface allows for quick customization and deployment, offering a unique opportunity to monetize AI tools and services while also growing an email list and enhancing product offerings with AI features.


  • Custom AI App Creation: Users can create AI apps and assistants using their own content and data.
  • Easy Customization and Branding: Chipp provides tools for customizing the look and feel of AI apps to match brand identity.
  • Monetization and Growth: The platform enables the collection of emails, charging users, and upselling other services and products through AI tools.
  • Embedding and Integration: AI apps can be easily embedded into courses, websites, and Notion documents, allowing for seamless integration into existing products.
  • Collections: Users can group multiple AI apps into collections for a cohesive user experience.

Use Cases:

Chipp supports a wide range of use cases across different sectors:

  • Educational Content and Tutoring: Enhances learning experiences with customized materials and tutoring.
  • Customer Support: Improves customer service with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Team Onboarding: Streamlines the onboarding process for new team members.
  • HR and Recruitment: Assists in recruiting processes and candidate screening.
  • Wellness and Fitness Coaching: Provides personalized coaching plans for health and wellness.


While Chipp offers a unique set of features, it competes in the broader AI tools and services market with platforms like Dialogflow, ManyChat, and Chatfuel, which also provide AI chatbot creation capabilities.

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