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ChhayaAI is an innovative AI tool designed to revolutionize interior design processes. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide personalized design recommendations, making interior design accessible to everyone.


ChhayaAI offers a freemium model with basic design recommendations available for free. Premium features, including augmented reality visualization and advanced design analysis, are available through subscription plans starting at $9.99 per month.


ChhayaAI is at the forefront of transforming interior design with its cutting-edge AI technology. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, ChhayaAI analyzes user preferences, space constraints, and aesthetic considerations to generate personalized design recommendations. Whether you’re redesigning a living room or revamping your workspace, ChhayaAI streamlines the design process, offering tailored suggestions to match your unique style and requirements. With ChhayaAI, designing your dream space has never been easier.


  • Personalized Design Recommendations: ChhayaAI offers tailored design suggestions based on user preferences and space constraints.
  • Space Visualization: Visualize design ideas in your space through augmented reality (AR) integration.
  • Style Compatibility Analysis: Analyze the compatibility of different design styles to ensure cohesive interior aesthetics.
  • Budget Optimization: Receive cost-effective design recommendations within your budget constraints.
  • Collaborative Design Platform: Share design ideas and collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Material and Color Palette Suggestions: Explore a curated selection of materials and color palettes to enhance your design vision.


  1. Havenly: Provides online interior design services with professional designers.
  2. Modsy: Offers 3D design renderings and personalized design recommendations.
  3. Houzz: A platform for discovering design inspiration and connecting with professionals.
  4. Decorist: Matches users with professional interior designers for personalized design services.
  5. Roomstyler: Allows users to create 3D room designs and visualize interior layouts.


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