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AskMetric is an AI-powered customer experience (CX) analytics platform that helps businesses understand and improve their customer interactions across all channels. It uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze customer feedback from surveys, social media, and other sources, and then provides businesses with insights into customer sentiment, satisfaction, and pain points.


AskMetric offers various pricing plans to cater to different business needs and usage levels. Plans start from a $599 per month tier with limited features to paid plans with extended features and increased data volume.


In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding and improving customer experience (CX) is crucial for business success. AskMetric is a revolutionary AI-powered CX analytics platform that empowers businesses to harness the power of data and AI to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and transform their CX strategies. Through a suite of advanced AI and NLP capabilities, AskMetric analyzes customer feedback from various sources, including surveys, social media, and online reviews, providing businesses with actionable insights into customer sentiment, satisfaction, and pain points.


  • AI-powered text analysis: AskMetric utilizes AI and NLP to extract key insights from unstructured customer feedback, including sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and entity recognition.
  • Customer feedback aggregation: AskMetric centralizes customer feedback from various sources, providing a unified view of customer sentiment across all channels.
  • Customer journey analysis: AskMetric maps customer interactions across different touchpoints, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize the customer journey.
  • Actionable insights and recommendations: AskMetric provides actionable insights and recommendations tailored to specific business needs, helping businesses prioritize customer satisfaction initiatives.


  • Gain deeper customer insights: Understand customer sentiment, satisfaction, and pain points to make informed decisions about CX improvement strategies.
  • Enhance customer retention: Identify and address customer concerns to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.
  • Optimize customer journey: Identify friction points and streamline the customer journey for a more positive customer experience.
  • Drive business growth: Improve CX to enhance customer loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and drive business growth.



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