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Trade Foresight

Trade Foresight is an AI-powered global trade platform that offers a suite of tools for comprehensive trade analytics, international market search, product promotion, smart financing, logistics support, and real-time alerts on sanctions, liberalization, regulations, and policies.


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Trade Foresight is an AI-powered global trade platform that provides a wide range of tools and services to support businesses in their international trade endeavors. By leveraging AI technology, the platform offers comprehensive trade analytics, market search, product promotion, and various other features to facilitate global trade activities.


  • Comprehensive Trade Analytics: Trade Foresight offers tools for in-depth trade analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on market insights and trends.
  • International Market Search: The platform helps businesses find the best markets for their products and services by providing advanced search capabilities and market analysis.
  • Product Promotion: Trade Foresight supports product promotion by offering tools to connect businesses with millions of buyers and sellers across the globe.
  • Smart Financing and Logistics Support: The platform provides support for smart financing and logistics, helping businesses streamline their international trade operations.
  • Real-Time Alerts on Trade Regulations: Trade Foresight offers real-time alerts on trade sanctions, liberalization, regulations, and policies, allowing businesses to stay informed and compliant.

Use Cases:

  • Businesses Engaged in Global Trade: Trade Foresight is designed for businesses involved in international trade, including exporters, importers, and those seeking to expand their global market presence.
  • Trade Professionals and Analysts: The platform can also be utilized by trade professionals and analysts who require advanced trade analytics and market intelligence to support their strategic initiatives.


Trade Foresight’s competitors include other global trade platforms and trade analytics tools, such as TradeLens and Tradeweb.


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