Deep Syncs is a generative AI chatbot platform that creates personalized conversations to drive sales and enhance customer engagement.

price offers tailored pricing plans to suit various business needs, starting from a Starter plan at $49 per month.

Description offers a unique approach to chatbot technology, harnessing the power of generative AI to craft personalized interactions that resonate with customers on a deeper level. It goes beyond simple automated responses, aiming to understand intent, objectives, and over 150 languages to create authentic conversations that build trust and drive conversions.


  • Empathetic AI: prioritizes understanding the customer’s emotions and needs, tailoring conversations to create genuine connections.
  • Personalized Sales Pitches: The AI expertly crafts sales messages that align with individual customer behaviors and preferences, maximizing impact.
  • 150+ Languages: The platform seamlessly supports communication in over 150 languages, breaking down language barriers and expanding global reach.
  • Live Chat Fallback: For complex inquiries or urgent matters, offers a smooth transition to live chat with human agents, ensuring comprehensive support.
  • Smart Selling: The AI continuously learns and adapts to optimize sales strategies, delivering data-driven insights for continuous improvement.



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